Virginia Beach, the host city of the Yuengling Shamrock Marathon, is one of the great summer resorts of the East Coast and the largest in the state of Virginia. The pictures below tell you why: there are many more things to do here than just lay out on the beach (even though that’s still everyone’s favorite).

While in Virginia Beach, make sure to eat at some of the premier restaurants in the area recommended on our website.



The Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center gives curious people, young and old, the chance to explore and be amazed by the marine life native to the area. After a long day, there is nothing more relaxing than a fishing outing. And with that scenery, you might even forget why you came out to the pier in the first place.

For the more active types, a round of beach volleyball is the perfect way to enjoy the beach sun. Certainly the most famous view of Virginia Beach: the hotels on “the strip,” the heart of activity during the summer.



The marinas of Virginia Beach provide the perfect environment for both the avid and the casual boater. Top off your summer excitement with a favorite local tradition: the annual Neptune Festival. It includes many events, such as sand sculpting, an arts and crafts festival, and a parade led by Neptune himself and his princesses.

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