General Questions:

1. What do I get for my entry fee?
All Yuengling Shamrock Marathon and Anthem Shamrock Half Marathon participants receive a high quality technical shirt (men and women sizes); all TowneBank Shamrock 8k, Operation Smile Final Mile, and Leprechaun Dash participants receive a cotton t-shirt. All participants receive a virtual goody bag, commemorative medal, free refreshments at the finish line tent, and a post race party you’ll never forget! Plus, everyone receives free entry into the Leesa Shamrock Sports and Fitness Expo race weekend. Be sure to bring your race number with you into the post-race party celebration as it is your ticket for beer (21 and over) and food.

2. Is the Shamrock Marathon a Boston Qualifier?
Yes, the 2016 Shamrock Marathon is a qualifier for the 2017 Boston Marathon.

3. How can I sign up for the events?
Register online now.

4. What is the Whale and Dolphin Challenge?
The Whale and Dolphin Challenge is for those runners who run the 8k on Saturday as a preliminary event to their Sunday half marathon or marathon run. All Whale and Dolphin Challenge finishers will receive a Whale or Dolphin Challenge medal at the event in recognition of their special achievement. In order to be in the Whale or Dolphin Challenge, you must register for the Whale or Dolphin Challenge category at the time of registration. You can NOT combine your TowneBank 8K and Yuengling Marathon or Anthem Half Marathon entries to count as the Whale or Dolphin Challenge. Click here for more information.

5. Does the marathon and half marathon have pace groups?
Yes, complete information about the pace groups is available on the Pacers Page .

6. How can I check if I’m registered?
You can click here to see if you’re registered.

7. Can I transfer from one race to another? Example: 8k to half marathon?
Yes, you can transfer races on your own from the switching races page. If you are transferring to a higher entry fee race, you are responsible for the difference in fees. If you are transferring to a lower entry fee race, you will not receive a refund. Starting on February 1st, a transfer fee of $25.00 in addition to the change in entry fee. You cannot transfer to a race that has reached its participant limit.

8. What are the time limits for the races? Are they walker friendly?

Walkers are welcome in all the races.  The TowneBank Shamrock 8k course is open for 2 hours.  The Anthem Shamrock Half Marathon course is open for 4 hours.  The Yuengling Shamrock Marathon course is open for 7 hours from gun start. 

9. Where can I find a course map?
You can view the course maps here

10. What will the weather be like in Virginia Beach during March?
Virginia Beach is known for its moderate climate. In March, you can expect an average high of 58 degrees and an average low of 40 degrees.

11. What can I do before and after the race?
There are many fun things to do in Virginia Beach during race weekend. Click here for things to do. In addition, you are invited to attend the two day Sports & Fitness Expo.

12. Will I receive a refund if I cannot attend?
J&A Racing does NOT process refunds, no exceptions.  Refunds are only possible through Transamerica. If you purchased the Registration Fee Reimbursement Plan during registration, you may be eligible for a refund through that service.  Contact them by calling 1-888-596-3407 or email them at EventRefund@Transamerica.com.

13. I’m registered to run and I’ll be pushing a Rider on the race course.  How do I sign up my Rider to get a Rider Bib?
Only people with a bib will be permitted on the race course.  Riders will need to register for a Rider Bib through their pushers registration, at no charge, by visiting the Solutions Booth during the expo.

14. Are baby joggers, strollers or pets allowed during the race?
If you choose to run with a baby jogger, you must seed yourself in the last corral–behind all other runners and you must register your child through the pushers original registration, at no charge, for a Rider Bib. If you are already registered and need to add a rider bib, please visit the Solutions Booth when you pick up your race packet at the expo. It is your responsibility to make sure your baby jogger does not impede other runners, and you must take extra precaution to ensure your safety, your child’s safety, and the safety of the runners around you. We reserve the right to pull any participant from the race who is endangering other runners or themselves. Pets are not permitted in any of the Shamrock weekend races.

15. Why do I need to register for a Rider Bib and what do I get with my Rider Bib?
For your continued safety, it’s important that race officials are aware of each person on the race course.  In a medical situation, your emergency contact information will be obtained from your rider bib.  Rider bibs give you access to the race course only.  Riders do not receive any race swag, including but not limited to; race shirt, medal, finisher item, finisher food, etc.  A rider is permitted to register, at the current registration rate, as a race participant instead of as a Rider if he/she wishes to enjoy all of the race benefits.

16. Can I run with my child in the Operation Smile Shamrock Final Mile?

As a means of ensuring the Operation Smile Shamrock Final Mile is a true children’s event and to prevent unsafe adult overcrowding during the race, we are restricting the number of adults who will be allowed in the start corrals and on the course.  Only school adult volunteers, our Run Heroes, will be allowed to run with the children.  We realize that many parents have legitimate reasons to be with their children, however, and we do not want any child to miss out on the opportunity.  For this reason, we have created a Guardian Bib corral in which all parents who wish to accompany their children will be assigned.  This corral will be at the end of the student corrals and all adults in this corral must have been issued a guardian bib.  The guardian bib is free, and you can sign up for one as part of the registration process.  Parents who have already signed up may change their guardian bib status by clicking here.

17. Are headphones (iPods, mp3 players, etc) allowed during the race?
Headphones are allowed for any runner who is not competing for a cash prize. However, we do strongly encourage that participants abstain from using headphones during the race.

18. What are the age requirements for the Shamrock races?
Marathon: at least 16 years old
Anthem Half Marathon: at least 12 years old
TowneBank 8k: 18 and older
Access College Foundation 8k Student Challenge: 18 and younger
Operation Smile Final Mile: Elementary School Students
Leprechaun Dash: 6 months-5 years old

19. Can I transfer my registration to another runner?

You may transfer your current race registration to another person. The new participant will be responsible for a $25 transfer fee. It is the current participants decision to gift the amount paid for the registration to the new participant or to receive a refund for the registration. The refund will not be granted until the new participant is successfully registered. Refunds will not be given for any charitable donations made. Items purchased in registration will not be transferred and arrangements must be made with the J & A office to pick up any additional items. (i.e. shirts, hats, etc.). Click here for more information or to transfer your registration to another person now. Transferring registrations must be done by January 31, 2016 at 11:59PM. After that they will close and will not reopen.

It is imperative that the registration data associated with your race number does in fact belong to you, the participant. If race organizers become aware that a runner has participated in one of our events with a bib that is not registered to that runner, both the runner and the person whom the bib is registered will be prohibited from participating in subsequent J & A Racing Inc. events for a minimum of two years.

Minimum Two-Year Event Ban for Unauthorized Runners

Our past races have been marred by numerous participants running under the guise of someone else’s race number. While this may seem harmless to the parties perpetrating the unauthorized bib transfer, it does convey serious consequences to the organizers and participant field alike.

From race results to finishers’ awards being impacted as well as medical staff being able to correctly identify participants in need of treatment, it is imperative that the registration data associated with your race number does in fact belong to you, the participant.

Thus, if race organizers become aware that a runner has participated in one of our events with a bib that is not registered to that runner, both the runner and the person to whom the bib is registered will be prohibited from participating in subsequent J & A Racing events for a minimum of two years.

20. Can I defer my entry?
Yes, if you are unable to attend the 2016 Yuengling Marathon, Anthem Half Marathon or TowneBank 8K you can defer your registration to the 2017 event. The deadline to defer to the 2017 event is March 15, 2016 at 11:59 pm-NO EXCEPTIONS. Click Here for more information on deferrals.

Expo/Packet Pick Up:

21. How will I receive my race packet?
Race packets can be picked up at the Leesa Shamrock Sports & Fitness Expo at the Virginia Beach Convention Center on Friday March 18th between 12:00-9:00 pm or on Saturday March 19th between 10:00 am – 5:00 pm. Please note that you must have your packet to race. If you are racing on Saturday, you must pick up your packet on Friday. No exceptions! If you are 16 or older, you must have your ID to pick up your race number – NO EXCEPTIONS.

22. Can I pick up my race packet on race day?
No, you must pick up your packet on the day before your event at the Virginia Beach Convention Center during the Leesa Shamrock Sports & Fitness Expo. No exceptions!

23. Can someone else pick up my packet for me?
Yes. If you are unable to pick up your own race packet, you may authorize another person to pick up your packet/bib number. The authorized individual MUST have their own photo ID, a signed and printed authorization form, and a copy of the participant’s photo ID. The signed authorization form MUST be printed, we will NOT accept any authorization via phone, text message, or any other electronic device. The copy of the photo ID may be via text, email, or photo copy. NO EXCEPTIONS! If the authorized individual is missing any of these items, we will not release the packet/bib number, NO EXCEPTIONS. CLICK HERE for the authorization form.

24. What if I cannot pick up my packet during the Expo hours and I do not have someone else that can pick it up for me?
For a fee of $25, we can mail you your packet.  The packet mailing option is now closed.
25. Where is the Virginia Beach Convention Center?
In Virginia Beach at 1000 19th Street, take I-264 to exit #22/Birdneck Road and follow the signs.

26. Can I register on race day?
No, the last chance to register is the day before your event during the Shamrock Sports & Fitness Expo. You can only register for a race that is not sold out.

27. Do you take credit cards for registration at the Convention Center on Friday and Saturday?
No, we only accept cash only for registration at the Shamrock Sports & Fitness expo.

Race Information:

28. Are the races corralled?
The Yuengling Marathon, Anthem Half Marathon, Shamrock 8k, and Operation Smile Final Mile use corrals. The Yuengling Marathon, Anthem Half Marathon, and TowneBank 8k corrals are based on time.

29. Can I switch corrals?
You may switch to a slower corral without making a change. If you wish to move to a faster corral, you must go to the Corral Change booth at the Shamrock Sports & Fitness Expo.

30. Where can we park for the races?
We encourage you to arrive early! Parking is available in the 19th street city lot. There is also parking in the 9th street city lot, Virginia Beach Convention Center, private lots at 21st, and 23rd and there is also plenty of street parking in the area. The drop off for Sunday is at Laskin Road between Pacific and Arctic. You will not be able to park directly at the start, so if you are staying in a local hotel, we encourage you to walk to the start. Check here for a parking map.

31. Can I run with my child during the Operation Smile Final Mile?
We strongly discourage parents from running with their children during the Operation Smile Final Mile. We have close to 4,500 elementary students participating in the race. We encourage parents to watch the start and head to the finish line to get pictures at the finish!

32. What are the event start times?

Saturday March 19, 2016
TowneBank Shamrock 8k: 7:45 am
Access College Foundation 8k Student Challenge 7:45 am
Leprechaun Dash: 10:30 am
Operation Smile Final Mile: 11:00 am
Sunday March 20, 2016
Anthem Shamrock Half Marathon: 7:00 am
Yuengling Shamrock Marathon: 8:30 am

33. What sports drinks and gels are available on the course?
Gatorade Endurance Formula (lemon-lime flavor) will be available at each aid station for the marathon and half marathon.  Gu will be available on the Marathon course at miles 13.1 and between miles 18 and 19 and on the Half Marathon course between miles 5 and 6.

Make sure you train with them before the race if you plan on grabbing one.

34. Will there be snacks provided on the course?
Yes. There will be pretzels & bananas available at Mile 22 on the Marathon course.

35. Will there be porta potties on the race course?
Absolutely! Porta potties will be located at the Start area, Finish area and at water stops along the course.

36. Is there a pasta dinner?
No, there are so many great restaurants in Virginia Beach supporting the Yuengling Shamrock Sportsfest that we encourage all participants to support them. Click here for our recommended restaurants.

37. Is there a dry bag check?
Yes. The UPS Dry Bag Gear Check number will be attached to your race number, simply detach this from your number and then attach it to your bag and you can drop it off with the UPS trucks or tent (depending on your race) located at the following places:

Anthem Shamrock Half Marathon UPS Dry Bag Trucks:
Between 38th and 40th streets on Atlantic
Yuengling Shamrock Marathon UPS Dry Bag Trucks:
Between 30th and 31st on Atlantic

TowneBank Shamrock 8k Dry Bag:
Dry bag tent located at 27th street between the boardwalk and bike path. (oceanfront side).

For the Half and the Full, the UPS Dry Bag Trucks will be located just past the finish line on the boardwalk.  For the 8k, the dry bags will be in the tent where you drop them off. You must pick your dry bag up immediately upon finishing the race.  We will not hold dry bags past your race cutoff time (2 hours for 8k/4 hours for half/7 hours for full).  Any dry bags not picked up by the cutoff for your event will be returned to J&A offices.

38. What times do the roads close/open?
Click here to view road closures

39. Is there a family reunion area at the finish?
Yes, this will be within a snow fenced area on the beach at the finish with big blue reunion area flags.

40. Where can I find my results?
You can look up your results HERE after the race.

41.  Will there be an awards ceremony after the race and what are the awards categories?

No. There will not be an awards ceremony at the post-race party. Click HERE for more details about the race awards.

42. Will there be shuttles on race day?

No, we do not have shuttles for race day.

43. Will I need my race number for the Post-Race Party?

Yes, your race number will serve as your ticket for the beer and food at the post-race party.

44. Where are the waterstops located on the Half and Full Marathon courses?

Waterstops will be available at the following locations:
Yuengling Shamrock Marathon: Miles: 1.5 / 2.5 / 4.5 / 6.5 / 8.5 / 10.5 / 12 / 13.1 / 14.5 / 16 / 17.5 / 19 / 21 / 22.5 / 24 / 25.5
Anthem Shamrock Half Marathon: Miles: 1.5 / 3 / 4.5 / 5.5 / 8 / 9.5 / 11 / 12.5