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2014 Yuengling Shamrock Marathon Weekend Charities Video

Premier Charity


One in the Fight Against Cancer

We’re back for 2017!  LIVESTRONG has partnered with the Yuengling Shamrock Marathon for the last five years and has raised more than $500,000 for the fight against cancer.  Our free programs and services have allowed more than 32.5 million people get the free help they need to face the challenges of cancer head-on, and to live life on their own terms.  Join LIVESTRONG President and team captain Greg Lee as we push ourselves further to ensure that everyone who needs help can get it, free of charge.  At LIVESTRONG, we fight to improve the lives of those affected by cancer now, and along every step of their cancer journey.  By joining Team LIVESTRONG, you are joining a family of supporters that strives every day to provide the physical, emotional, financial, and emotional resources that are so crucial to the fight.   

By joining Team LIVESTRONG, you will be directly helping those facing cancer get the support they need to fight today and into the future. Join our family in this fight here.

Your Team LIVESTRONG fundraising includes:

  • Guaranteed Race Registration
  • Team LIVESTRONG hat
  • Team LIVESTRONG technical shirt
  • A Team LIVESTRONG Duffle Bag
  • A special VIP Gift Package from LIVESTRONG President and team captain
  • A personalized fundraising website
  • Fundraising tools
  • One-on-one support from LIVESTRONG staff
  • Access to Exclusive VIP Team Dinner during event weekend

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Official Charities


Operation Smileweb Operation Smile mobilizes a world of generous hearts to heal children’s smiles and transform lives across the globe. Founded in 1982, Operation Smile, headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia, is a worldwide children’s medical charity whose network of global volunteers are dedicated to helping improve the health and lives of children and young adults. Since its founding, Operation Smile volunteers are dedicated to helping improve the health and lives of children and young adults. Since its founding, Operation Smile volunteers have treated more than 160,000 children born with cleft lips, cleft palates and other facial deformities and the organization has a presence in over 60 countries. In addition to contributing free medical treatment, Operation Smile trains local medical professionals in its partner countries and donates crucial equipment to lay the groundwork for long-term self-sufficiency. For more information visit


new-logo-w-green The Noblemen is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based out of Virginia Beach, Virginia which includes members located throughout the Hampton Roads region. The Noblemen mission is to identify and perform Noble Deeds for great local kids who are in need of help. We hope that you will visit our website often and learn how you can join us as we continue “Helping Kids. And Changing Lives”! Learn More


PrestonsMarchLogo Preston is a happy 13 year old who has Mitochondrial Disease which leaves him with low muscle tone, and developmental delays.  He tires easily and has balance issues but everyday he wakes up smiling and determined to keep up with his friends and especially his big brother!This past year Preston was blessed to have an adapted bike donated to him through a fundraiser that was developed by a family friend.  Deb and Steve (Prestons parents) has always recognized the need for adaptive physical equipment for Preston because of his limitations and now see that there are many other children who could use adaptive equipment.  The only roadblock for many families is the expense.  Preston’s bike cost $2200.00!Throughout the years Preston attended physical education in public elementary school and has not been able to actually participate on his own.  He may turn a rope for someone to jump and throw a ball but that is the extent of it.With the overwhelming need for adaptive physical education equipment for children with disabilites and the concern for childhood obesity the Buenaga’s have decided to open their non-profit to dividing the monies raised through Preston’s March between UMDF and funding for adaptive equipment for the school environment and individuals.


HerrenProjectLogo Chris Herren’s story and his redemptive rise from the depths of addiction were captured through the publication of the book, Basketball Junkie and the release of the ESPN Films documentary, Unguarded. As a result, Chris Herren has received thousands of desperate “calls for help” from others facing addiction.The Herren Project was formed in 2011 to answer those calls, increase education and public awareness on the dangers of substance abuse and to assist one person, one family at a time through a combination of treatment navigation, educational initiatives, mentoring, and public awareness. Outreach efforts have moved individuals from all ages, walks of life and socio-economic conditions, out from behind the cloak of guilt, shame and denial, to the light of treatment. The Herren Project’s programs and initiatives are a direct response to the increasing number of young people across the United States that are experimenting, using and suffering from addiction to drugs and alcohol; or are at risk for such abuse. Together we can make a difference, celebrating life and supporting one another.


rsf_logo_drkblue 2-01-01 Run to build hope for kids with cancer!Join the Roc Solid Foundation in its mission to build hope for children and their families dealing with pediatric cancer. The organization is best known for its Play It Forward initiative, which has constructed more than 100 playsets in the backyards of kids with cancer throughout the southeastern U.S. It’s a simple concept that leaves a long-lasting impression on everyone involved, particularly the kids as they’re able to escape the burdens of cancer treatments for a day to focus on what they do best – play. Participate in the 2016 Shamrock Marathon Weekend as part of the Roc Solid Running Team, and you’ll not only benefit from coaching, free merchandise and events, but you’ll also have the opportunity to make a direct impact on the life of a child battling cancer.To learn more, email 


jgjgjg Tree of Lives is a local non-profit organization whose mission is to strengthen the African Christian family as together we fight poverty and AIDS. Tree of Lives has had a presence in Kenya since 1999. Our first ministry on the ground was the Holy Family Center for the treatment of AIDS. We began with a one-room office. Today, HFC treats over 4,000 AIDS patients, including 600+ children, in a sprawling complex on the grounds of Nazareth Mission Hospital. In 2012, Tree of Lives saw a vision and dream come true with the opening of Joy Children’s Village, a place where abandoned, neglected and/or AIDS-inflicted children are brought into a loving, nurturing family that includes one well-trained “mother” and 8-10 siblings. We currently have 58 children and 8 trained mothers living as 8 individual families at Joy Village. In 2014, Tree of Lives began a sponsorship initiative to help with the cost of caring for these children: the 167 Club. The cost to provide food, housing, clothing, medications, and education for each child is $167 per month. If you would like to know more about becoming a sponsor, please visit our website, Our hope is to provide sponsors for every child in Joy Village, allowing Tree of Lives to continue to pour aid into our other ministries across Kenya. Our Shamrock race, Run for a Kenyan, is a fundraiser to support our children at Joy Village. On the day we run for our Kenyan children, they will be running for us! They will have their own race and post-race celebration. We plan to capture the children’s race in Kenya on video and share some post-Shamrock race FaceTime with our children over there. To find out more, visit